The ABC's of an A+ Workplace

Overwhelmed? Panick attacks? Loss of purpose? Aches and pains? Insomnia?

If these are constant companions, you might be heading towards burnout. Burnout at the workplace is an American epidemic. How do you protect yourself?

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer, Rosalind Henderson, shares proven and fresh tools to help you have regular access to your mental, physical and emotional energy so you are doing superior work while remaining balanced. You can create a workplace filled with joy, control and achievement. Buy your book now

Rosalind Henderson

Negative No More!

Stuck in fear, self doubt, criticism and anger which is limiting your life? Has it:

  • Prevented you from pursuing a promotion?
  • Damaged a few relationships?
  • Even impacted your health?
  • Prevented you from pursuing a promotion?

Take control of your self-talk and limited beliefs!

In "Negative NO More" author and Certified Leadership Trainer, Rosalind Henderson, shares ten unproductive thinking styles, helping you identify yours

She then empowers you by providing proven strategies to help you overcome negativity. Lastly, Rosalind teaches you a simple yet effective cognitive tool to help you counter through reality, testing, recurring negative self talk and misperceptions. The Result? - Transformation!

Through committed effort you'll find your mood brighten and you'll experience greater peace, joy and resilience. Because of this, you'll be empowered to design the life of your dreams. Get your copy!

100+ Question Cover_3d

100 + Questions to Upgrade Your Life

The most stable, powerful change agents build a life based on how they are wired. To do that, you need to discover the many facets of yourself.

Author and Certified Leadership Coach, Rosalind Henderson, poses poignant and insightful questions to you in different areas of your life. A few questions include:

  • Relationships: Which relationships energize and inspire you? How can you more regularly connect with these people?
  • Money: What are your money values? How can you more fully live them?
  • Work: What can you add/subtract at work that would ring greater enjoyment?
  • Self-Care: In what area of self-care do you need to attend? By when will you do that?

Use these insights to design a life that reflects your deepest desires and needs

Want to be a powerhouse in this topsy turvy world?

Stay connected to self-discovery and living those discoveries every day. As a result, adventure, delight, meaning and synchronicity in life becomes your reality.