Rosalind Henderson
Rosalind Henderson
CEO of Leadership Keys

Rosalind Henderson is a leadership trainer and author of several books which include, "Negative NO More, 100+ Ways to Upgrade Your Life" and her latest, "The ABC's of an A+ Workplace."

A product of world renown leadership mentors, Dr. John Maxwell, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend plus her experience in educational leadership, combines to empower leaders, organizations, and businesses with fresh life changing strategies, mindsets and solutions to issues.

Rosalind provides many services which includes, small group consulting, products, keynotes, and presentations to equip individuals to meet and exceed goals.

She also conducts a popular retreat three times a year entitled, "Self-Care to Avoid Burnout for Professionals." It is an interactive, information-packed and fun experience designed to provide participants with defensive and offensive tools to manage excessive stress yet maintain life balance.

A resident of Long Beach, CA. Rosalind enjoys her two sons Ahmed and Shakir. Her favorite past times are board games and meeting new people.