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"Professor Henderson is outstanding at her craft. She is able to move people to take action in their own lives. Her command of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership may be unsurpassed by anyone except the original author. I have taken on bigger projects thanks to Professor Henderson's teaching. I am better able to plan and implement."
Anthony Penn
Anthony Penn
Fire Prevention Consultants, LLC
"Rosalind Henderson is the best leadership trainer I've ever experienced, and I've been trained by the best of them."
Terry Rogers
Terri Rogers
Signal Hill Chamber of Commerce
“Rosalind has been the perfect solution for my business. I was seeking methods to first take my leadership team and then, my entire business to the next dimension... She has re-engaged our purpose and re-motivated us to be our best each and every day... Rosalind’s teaching style engages everyone who has the privilege of learning from her. She has a remarkable gift of connecting with so many different types of people regardless of their professional level or background... One would definitely not regret a decision to have Rosalind come in to coach your team... I highly recommend Rosalind and all she offers if you are committed to taking your team and business to higher heights.”
John Howard
John A. Howard, III
Owner, Chick-Fil-A
"Mastery is the key to transformative leadership. Mastery is the core value of Rosalind Henderson's leadership training programs. Rosalind is uniquely gifted in drawing out the best leadership talent in her emerging leaders. If you as a CEO see the need for innovative, forward-thinking leadership training, then Rosalind Henderson is your best solution."
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Andrew D. Manns, Jr
Senior Consultant
Manns & Associates

Past Leadership Training

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